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The AX can also be used with other lens mounts, via adapters. Contax Preview II 11. If you aren&39;t completely happy just return the manual for a full refund. Contax later introduced the N1/NX series of.

Contax RTS III 14. It has an extremely versatile electromechanical shutter with speeds from 16 seconds to contax ax manual 1/4000 seconds. · The Contax RX is a single lens reflex camera body with auto exposure modes and the Contax/Yashica MM lens mount. I have not used any of them.

tvmountain Recommended. See full list on camera-manual. Announced: 1996: Mount. The Contax AX retains many of the favoured features of its manual focus predecessors, including the now traditional solidity. Kyocera called this system of autofocusing using the camera body “Automatic Back Focusing”, and it’s best described as a camera-within-a-camera. Overview and History. Lomopedia: Contax RX 9 Share Tweet.

Want to know what the white tape is? We have been in business for contax ax manual over 40 years and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. See full list on camerapedia. ; spot meter; flash synch at 1/125; Contax S2b - an S2 with titanium body and black paint. The top cover plate is titanium alloy, the bottom cover is hardened aluminium and both the main chassis and movable module are constructed from diecast aluminium alloy to combine durability with minimum weight. It has now put my plans back &39;on the shelf&39;. What is a Contax Ax? · CONTAX AX Automatic Backfocusing System Film side.

Contax: ST: Manual Focus 35mm SLR Camera: Contax:MA 137 MD : Manual. Kyocera Contax AX Camera Service & Repair Manual. If the image below looks like. AX is a good camera indeed. · The table below lists the specifications of virtually all Carl Zeiss lenses for the C/Y mount. The N1/NX also use Contax 645 lenses with an adapter. We provide free online pdf manuals for digital and film cameras: Contax 137 MD, 139, 167 MT, 645, Aria, G, i, N, RTS, SL, T, TVS, U.

With the lens off, here&39;s CONTAX AX "Automatic Back Focusing" in action. See more results. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in days. I never was strongly motivated to move to the N1/NX because I had a few manual focus CZ lenses and a Contax AX body for when I really needed autofocus. Created through the combination of Porsche design skills, Yashica electronics technology and Carl Zeiss precision optics, the Contax Real Time System (RTS) is the result of a rare combination of talents. The Contax AX is a 35mm single lens reflex film camera introduced by Kyocera in 1996. Is it a serious and common fault as stated above?

Contax AX printed camera manual. I have 2 Contax cameras, the 167 and the AX. · Carl Zeiss Contax Contax Aria Contax AX Contax N1 Contax ST Post navigation ← Pentax 35-70 f/3. · The Contax AX was a titanic attempt by Kyocera to bring autofocus to their fine line of manual focus Carl Zeiss lenses by doing something no one else had ever done before.

Contax AX 35mm film SLR camera. I was considering going for another Contax, the RX or the ST, when I heard/read about this problem 2 days ago. · I contacted Contax in Japan trying to find out if they had any intentions of creating either a new digital camera that could use their manual lenses or an adapter to mount the manual lenses on their new digital N camera.

Additional l y I am unable to repair at the moment ANY RTS3 with viewfinder backlight issues or power issues due to the lack of DC/DC converter spares. The CONTAX AX was the end result. Is yashica backwards compatible with contax? As a complement to our review of the CONTAX AX, the camera from 1996 that tried the titanic attempt to “autofocus” manual focus lenses, I have added a short YouTube video review of the camera. Very slow to contax ax manual lock on and completely incapable of tracking a moving subject. Instruction manual said that AX AF function was better. Contax cameras made in Japan by Kyocera/Yashica.

The autofocus is very slow if compared with any canon equipment, but it works and can be used as a extra help for the manual focus operations. This design was Contax&39;s response to Zeiss&39;s steadfast refusal to abandon their archaic technology and embrace autofocus, contax ax manual so the AX was an attempt to. The working distance is 5M. Unfortunately, the program mode of later manual-focus Yashica (Kyocera) bodies (FX-103,. In fact the focusing method is similar to the extension bellows of the Mamiya 67. The Contax NX is an autofocus single lens reflex camera based on the Contax&39; fundamental principle of "building cameras for creating works of art".

the best contax camera ever. I bought AX because it had a strong feel of camera. 5 and Contax 28-85 f/3. The autofocus was completely useless. Automatic or manual focus can be selected according to the subject and setting so that the user can achieve the desired results with accuracy. You may remember the article as part of the “Tuesday Titans” series. The IR pilot light will be automatically turned on. Although probably more technical than this, in a nutshell, AF was achieved by moving the film plane, the distance from lens to film.

Contax made a series of dedicated TTL flashes for its later cameras, including the TLA 30, TLA-20, the TLA-360, TLA-280, etc. At the time of its introduction, the AX made camera headlines due to its unique ability to autofocus manual focus lenses. · The same applies to Contax cameras, except I believe in Japan, where there are still a few (very few I suspect) people who will service and repair Contax CX, N and 645 cameras. One way or another, the old will come face to face with the new and this week’s Lomopedia entry is a good example of that. In addition, Zeiss produced some lenses, about which little is known: some extremely rare optics (a night-vision 210mm f/5. It is an argument for buying the simpler older SLR’s like Leicaflex/SL/SL2, Contax S2/S2B, Contarex/Contaflex, Ashai Pentax, older Minoltas and so on. The AX is a very robust and good looking camera.

Two different points of view from Chuk and Terry. Contax/Yashica (C/Y) lenses are manual-focus lenses marketed by Contax, Yashica, and Zeiss sharing a common bayonet-style mount. The AX achieves autofocus capability with the standard manual focus Carl Zeiss lenses by utilizing a specially-developed automatic back focusing system. Thought you&39;d like to see their response: &39;First of all we appreciate that you use Contax RX and various Carl Zeiss MM lenses. Cervin Cervino Matterhorn Arête du Lion Arête Sud-Ouest Breuil Cervinia alpinisme montagne escalade - Duration: 19:18.

see Zeiss Ikon for the Contax S, D, E, F, FB, FM, FBM and the corresponding Pentaconmodels. But it is not as quick as other AF camera like Canno and Nikon. Contax/Yashica (C/Y) manual-focus lenses with a common bayonet mount were introduced in 1975 simultaneously on the Contax RTS and on the Yashica FX-1. The AX is the first autofocus Contax SLR produced by Kyocera. · years before switching back to Nikon, and the AX was the last body I purchased. A side benefit of this arrangement is that it allowed the AX to feature a macro mode which worked much like a built-in 10 mm extension tube, allowing for a magnification ratio higher than 1:1 without the use of. With this system, the fixed mirror box, pentaprism assembly and film plane move as a unit along a ceramic rail to achieve focus.

What is contax lens? Read the full review here: With the AX, you can have the best of both worlds: autofocus and manual focous with the excellent Carl Zeiss MM optics. For the German-made Contax rangefinder cameras, see the Zeiss-Ikon section. CONTAX AX VIDEO REVIEW. The newer MM lenses are still backwards-compatible with all Contax and Yashica cameras, but with older AE lenses one cannot use all available programmed and shutter-priority exposure functions on the post-1984 Contax bodies. Contax T see Zeiss Ikon for the Contax I, II, III, IIa and IIIa.

Manual focus only. · This camera allows autofocus of the manual-focus Zeiss lenses, by actually moving the film plane (rather than the lens) back and forth. Contax Contax Contax S & D (Zeiss Ikon) Contax Data Backs D-4, D-5, D-6, D-8, D-9, D-10 Contax S2 Contax 137 MA Quartz Contax 159 MM Contax 139 Quartz Contax 159 Winder W-7 Contax 139 Winder II Contax T Contax T VS. Services For The Kyocera Contax SLR, T3, G2 and Other Brand Japanese made Cameras. · Autofocus manual lenses with the CONTAX AX. Contax T VS II Contax T VS III: Contina Guide Contax RTS Cantina Contax RTS II Contax G1 Contax G1 focusing hints Contax RTS III.

Magnification ratio 1:1 at the closest focusing distance. Manual-Focus (Yashica/Contax). What is control Ax? · I believe that the D-8 (AX), D-9 (Aria), and the D-10 (for the N series) were the only Contax data backs that could do exposure imprinting. Complete exploded views, parts list, service and repair information, electronic adjustment. The difference is that you have the entire film, shutter and prism housed in a movable unit.

The viewfinder is large and clear. I do not service or repair the Contax line of Single Lens Reflex and Rangefinder cameras made in Japan by the Kyocera Company and other makers. The Contax RX is the product of good old mechanical camera design and modern electronics. Features heavyweight card stock covers, clear plastic protective overleaf and a plastic comb binding. RTS, RTS2, T, T2, T3, G1, G2, TVS, TVS2, TVS3, AX, Aria, 645, N1, due to the complete lack of spares worldwide. Then before I had a chance to properly look into their autofocus line, Kyocera sadly terminated the Contax camera business. This is a reprint of the factory manual, 194 pages printed on white paper, 8-1/2"x11" (210x278mm) format.

Contax AX camera instruction manual Contax AX instruction manual. The working light situation of AF is EV5. Contax AX - Auto-focus by moving the film plane but body bigger; 1998: Contax Aria - a smaller SLR designed especially for women; uses an infrared sensor to count the sprocket holes, so you cannot use infrared film in it. The system works through the use of what Kyocera called an “ Internal Camera Body” nested inside a cleverly named “External Camera Body”. .

View and Download Contax AX instruction manual online. It was made at a time when AF had already become the standard for 35mm SLR cameras. AX digital camera pdf manual download. 100% guarantee on all orders. . Later Contax SLR lenses for the auto-focus Contax N series built by Kyocera use a completely different and dedicated AF lens mount, aptly called "N.

Posted 9-26-&39;08 The next page contains information on this camera. Contax S2 / S2b 17. Kyocera Contax SLR&39;s, Nikon SLR&39;s, Canon SLR&39;s, Other Brand SLR&39;s and Rangefinder Camera Services.

The end (focusing) result remains the same, but instead of having a fixed piece of film and “moving” the lens, the AX keeps the lens fixed and moved the film.

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